The Road Missed

I miss them so much.

As tears rolled from my eyes I began to realize, perhaps for the first time, to truly allow myself to feel how much I miss my family on the road. The truth of spirit. The seeking of fulfillment of love. The mission to be true. To stand for truth. Always. Never failing, never backing down.


4 am, wait no 6am // Merry Go Around

Merry go arounds aren’t bad. They are awesome, fun and magical! You, however do not experience the whole of life really if you were to sit on a merry go around your whole life. You would eventually be really thirsty and hungry and even if some really awesome person decided to be so nice and bring you food and drink, your soul would eventually get pretty dried out by simply staying in one place or just get lost and seek its own adventures.

Falling in love again

I’m falling in love again.

I’m falling in love with the fresh air breathing into my new room.

I’m falling in love with my breath.

In love with each breath, each smile, each jingle.

In love with smells, commercials, strangers embrace.

In love with my mind, refreshed.

Kissed by the Sun

When my skin is tan and my limbs are strong, when I have moved and moved through pain. Still a linger and strain,

Yet my eye glimmers, shines out light. I am alive. I am alive. I am alive. Moving, living, healing, moving, growing, grounding, living, loving, breathing, opening, seeking, praying, finding, praying.

A smile.

A gift. A hope. Perseverance. stronghold.


I will not let go.

I will not let go.

And if I do let go, and when I do let go, know, that I am held. Held in arms of love. Held in a cradle of love. Softly swinging me. I will be cared for. I am given freedom to roam, freedom to grow, freedom to make and create, collaborate and even destroy, react and pain.

Still I am loved. No matter.


The sun kissed my skin, my blood flew through my body, I stretched and jumped and folded. This ground. I am upon this ground, I am within this sea, I am through this air.


This tan skin, kissed by the sun, this brightened eye, purified by the sea, this body given to me, this soul blessed to me, this heart sanctified.


Ground me.
I walk forward. I dance along a path. Kissed by the Sun, Purified by the Sea, Gifted Everlasting Life.



Love Languages


Tears streamed down my face as I looked into his eyes and realized he was staying right here. He was there. Staying. Listening. Holding space. He had paused life and he was present here with me. I didn’t have to rush. Didn’t have to put all my feelings and thoughts through a thin funnel and respond with one sentence that might encapsulate them and be maybe understood. He was here. Somehow tears just fell. I felt cared for. I felt like light shone down on me and I was saved from the world of individualism.

I felt love.

I think I so rarely feel it, that when I do, I jump in and run with it.

There is a tea bag quote that I keep in my wallet “Live through consciousness, not through emotion”

I know right.


What is Love then? If maybe its not what we feeel.

Is True love, Conscious Love? If I am not to trust only what I feel, than when do I know?

I think it is important to know your love language. I hated taking that online quiz. I don’t know if it even accurately told me mine. I think, perhaps a more revealing and a special way to think on this is to reminisce. What are moments where you have felt loved? What are moments where you have felt SURE of love? What are moments where there would be no reason for you to feel that way and yet you did?
Love is beautiful. Something in the soul of another speaks to us. Rings the chord of our essence.

Still. Know yourself. To not only live in emotion but through consciousness. Recognize the emotions.

Someone might have spoken your love language, yet that might not mean they love you.

Know your heart. Be kind and loving. To others as well as yourself. What comes from a misperceived demonstration of love? The realization that your souls are connected or yearning to connect.

->Sad Soul.

Care for your soul. Care for you heart. Allow your mind, your heart, your soul and spirit to work together in your interactions, in your life, in your processing, in your decisions.

Know your needs, know your soft spots. Know how you speak and how you yearn to be spoken to.