Truths, Reflections, Growth

I am grateful, that though we cannot change the past, we can continuously grow from it. There is not a process of cutting each second was was previously present.
This year, I have found myself in the reverse position of others that in the past, I did not understand.

This year, I find myself understanding people whom previously I could not understand and was extremely hurt by.

This year, I find myself accepting growth, change, difference.


Journeys Through Culture: 10 days in Ayiti

Culture shock humbles me. In a way I believe we should continuously be humbled. It humbles me as I arrive in a country and though may thrive in an environment of learning of norms and adaptation: I am humbled when it is brought to my awareness that there was something I completely missed and faux-pasd.

In this is the opportunity to learn and grow through connection, through intentional surrender and presence.

Books and Covers

I was thinking of books and covers.
I was thinking of not judging books by covers.
I was wearing pant suits and a blazer jacket, my piercings out of my nose, makeup, my dreads ready to be pulled back into a tight bun. 

Don’t judge a book by its cover.
It was freeing, it was comforting, it was strengthening to walk those streets, with a different body, yet the same soul. It was strengthening to know I can put on any clothes and still shine through who I am. I felt the same. 
“I was living in your castle, your castle was not living in me”.


It seems there is another side to “that’s karma” that we don’t necessarily think about, acknowledge, recognize.

I think, a lot of the time, we think “what goes around comes around” means, “if you do something bad, something bad will happen to you in return” or what one may say “inversely”, : “if you do something good, something good will happen to you”.

Spirit of Frivolous Adoring Love

Oh Darling, your joviality I still remember, a madness I have not experienced since, a madness, thick and bouncy and happy and delicious like a true éclair patisserie, with thick yet light cream, and soft, almost elastic, cushiony brioche bread surrounding it.
Your eyes and smile dance with each other, following your hilarious words.

How to Be Here Now.

My question is, if we, ultimately can’t expect good from leadership, if expecting anything ultimately leaves us with disscontempt. How are we supposed to enact pursuing human rights? Because the very pursuit of them calls on us to expect something from leadership. 

How do we allow for creativity, softness, even weakness to be seen, accepted, moved through. 

How do we truly see, and make space for mourning, for difficulty. While continuing to move and see gratitude and wonder of life. 

How do we be here now. If we can also pick up and leave at any moment because here and now isn’t where we’re meant to be? 
How do you know where you’re meant to be?