My head hurts but it has been a great day. History class with Dr Chulee was amazing. She literally talked the whole two hours. Bringing us into the world in which she grew up, became a Christian, her vulnerability in going to America and being totally lost. Her honesty and humility in her reactions towards individuals such as sex workers that she changed and came to realize what true love for you neighbor means. It was extremely refreshing. I’m so happy to have such an amazing professor. She is so inspiring. She is kind. She has a true heart to teach us the ways of her people so that we may interact with them in a truly loving way. Sunday she is taking us to an indigenous village in Burma, monday and wednesday we are going to a temple and having a monk guest lecture us. SO SO EXCITED!

In the afternoon we had class with Dr Krista. We had ALOT of reading and knew there was a quiz. The geographics of the region are quite confusing and I think everyone was pretty stressed. I had a specific indigenous group to research and was glad when after leading my own personal investigation, was able to enlighten the class more on Vietnamese and Laos ethnicities and history. After my short presentation I was pleased and confident. It was a good feeling, reaffirming my position, and the classes ended up being much more chill than expected. I’m excited to realize how intricately I will know this region and its intricacies by december after seeing the change in just a week. 

Another highlight was the ability to go to Chiang Mai university for a screening of “Emerging Women of Burma” put on by the We Women Organization. The atmosphere of the university was welcoming, calling me to take up the cause of education. To use my freedom for the benefit of others. The woman speaker was a cultural anthropologist from the Netherlands that I am hoping to be in contact with further. This is the setting I feel I could thrive in. 

This evening was pleasant. We came back from class and I had some time to myself. I spent most of it in the kitchen watching and minimally talking with our cook Pawnee. She has a very soothing presence. I also enjoyed speaking with Adele, our program director while watching our ducks walk around outside. After dinner all the Go-Ed crew had a great time of sharing. Speaking on issues of poverty, of our fears and hopes. After making popcorn I’m watching three of them play settlers of Catan. It’s pretty chill 🙂 Tomorrow I get to sleep in, I might bike to the temple I can see from the fourth floor of the building which we are staying on. I’m staying in the same room as the three other girls and they all wake up early and head downstairs which gives me the space to roll out of bed and have my quiet yoga time. 

I’m sure there are many more things to say, please ask questions, it’s sometimes hard to think of what to say with the little time I actually want to be spending on my computer when all of this surrounds me. I’m trying to be WAAY more intentional with taking pictures but I still feel awkward and am trying to settle the conflict within me, wondering how to approach it.

Thank you for all your support, prayers and thoughts, I am here for a reason and it is blowing my mind. The fire is kindled in my heart and soul. I know it will burn all there is to find. All will be refined. 



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