Retrouvailles. Happy Soul.

Woke up this morning beautifully rested. Apparently Bethany has been hearing my giggling in my sleep. Must be having a blast! As I was practicing yoga tonight a different thought came to me though. I have been feeling under the weather so I have not practiced for about 4 days, though I did a different grounding routing. Tonight I was yearning for physical grounding through effort and I did a moon flow I have done about 4 other times. I put much focus and effort into movements, getting deeper into my muscles and strength, pushing through the ache and burns and revelling in the yummy stretches that followed. I felt a lot of opening in my hips, which is tissue where we store a lot of past emotional trauma. For me this is also physical trauma. I reached pigeon pose, a place where I often find much release and about 2 breaths in started to giggle before I let out uncontrollable sobs. This was not only surrender it was spiritual and I felt the giggles and the sobs and the sweat and the movement and breathe and air to be filled with the Holy Spirit. I think the sleeping dreaming giggles are that as well. As I was trying to recall during my breakfast what I was dreaming of, images of Gold rooms and dancing, belly-dancing in beautiful gem translucent shimmering scarfs and skirts. Filled with joy and moving in the Kingdom. This fills me anew with awe and wonder and Shalom in in my heart and mind and soul.

Today has been a beautiful day I can’t help but blog about it. De bonnes retrouvailles.

We began the day with a time of worship and prayer at the MMF office. Standing in a circle holding hands and praying and humming together was bliss. We headed over to the migrant children center and were greeted by all the kids “wai” ing and cutely mouthing “sawadikaa”. Heart blooming. We took pictures of the kids one by one to compile a report for the donors and I was happy to spend the morning interviewing Samila about the individual children. Interesting recurring themes. PArents calling their children stupid, not spending time with them, not thinking about the future; siblings going to school in Burma; kids wanting to be doctors to help their parents health; kids liking construction and wanting to work with their parents… I was so happy that I was blessed with the time to write so much about these kids, to have someone gift me their time and attention; spelling out names and giving details about their personal knowledge only for my benefit. I loved it and marveled at this anthropological endeavor. At play time Samila told me she had gotten Burmese food at the market and Manila called us to lunch. It felt like ages since we had had such soul food. Infused with love and care. We definelty took extra rice. We finished up in the kitchen as the children were bathed and basked in Samila’s soothing presence as she layed the kids down for nap. I still stand in awe of how healing being in her proximity is. Samila and Pimali went to have lunch. We watched over the sleeping little ones, soaking in everything I knew about their lives and families, wishing blessings, healings, love and gifts to them. Back in the kitchen we joked around with Pimali and Samila and were able to ask them about their own backgrounds as Pimali brought us tea and Burmese tea salad. How to resist? Pimali wandered outside and we asked Samila many questions about her family and Burma. I want to go with her! It was a beautiful time of bonding. When Tim popped his head in to bring us back, we had prayed together and as we went outside and said goodbye Bethany and I both leaned in to hug our loving friend. See you tomorrow! Can’t believe it will be our last day 😦

We shared our thoughts with Tim on the ride back to MMF and made plans to help develop some social media elements. Interesting how it is a second nature for our generation yet uncomfortable for others. Glad to be of service!

We hurried down the street to get some tea from the cute lady we hadn’t seen since last week. Another retrouvaille. The sun, the night of sleep, the soothing presences at the Child center filled me with joy as I danced and hopped down the street; Bethany running towards Jebu and Som San, the dogs that keep us safe.

Anna, Abé, Graham and Lorri were supposed to be coming back from Chiang Mai today and we were very excited to be back at Grace Home. We hadn’t heard from anyone at 5.30 and we couldn’t find Anna’s number so we got on our mountain bikes with some giggles and uggs. The seats are super high. I was able to get Bethany’s down with some help from Nuna, Nam who were still at work and soon our Lahu family was also surrounding us. Sara even had her pet scarab on a stick with a pink bow around its neck. Yup.

We headed out, arriving a little shaky at Grace Home. Coffee was made and we headed to the Night BASHAAR to meet up with Anna, Abé, Graham and Lorri. I was definitely giddy. It was like meeting old friends after a journey, we shared stories about what we did this weekend and today and ate good food and laughed a lot. Happy, full, fat.

It will be hard to leave these beautiful people!! Thursday we have the monthly meeting; Graham an Lorri leave and Saturday we will be off to stay at the Hmong Dormitory in a different province for a week.

I am so thankful and blessed and joyful and beyond ability to wordly express the deep contentment and connections of my heart.

Thank you everyone.

So much love. 🙂



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