What has bloomed from ash

A sweet, playful wind wandered through the ocean of ash from the past season. Burned spoiled crops and weeds, furnaced souls.

There is but a thin layer of ash covering a garden as the early morning dew rests upon the fresh bright leaves and grass.

Peace in stillness. The state of I.

Glints of gold, sparkles of silver catch one’s eye. There is a sweet humming, energy flowing, like dwarves working the mines of gems beneath! You want to dance with the wind and sing with her siblings sun and rain. Light is shining upon the garden. Through the trees.




Fragrance of Love, Light shining through in comfort, joy and excitement.

What has bloomed from ash.


We could speak of this ash. We could speak of the process, of darkness and fireworks, and avalanches and lava and churned bones and hearts and lost souls, of searing light and shedding and …. The waves have crashed I float along still waters, I float atop and swirl.

The furnacing is over. That season has passed. Off to blooming!

The most precious flower, the large clear opalesque lotus bowl carrying this garden within. My mind is a fresh spring. I close my eyes, my cheeks rise, my lips crack open in crescent as I savor the pictures that flow and twirl playing with me. They come freely, the door is open, this is their home.

I’m only beginning to see and smell. Focusing when you open your eyes under water, when you awake at 5am to get your early morning flight… I don’t know this tool well enough. I catch it when it comes, a fleeting fairy of fun, not ready to sit by my side just yet or perhaps not ready to spill her true inner soul. But I love her presence.

What has bloomed this year?

Peace. Tranquility. A certain fragrance I can’t quite catch. The ashes haven’t lifted from it all.

Grit. A flower made of ice. Intricately beautiful, strong.





I find understanding in this culture. Mostly I marvel and swim in yummy content in  that though there are troubles and I admit to the negativity this brings; I pass through them. I am content, I am filled with excitement and awe and wonder. This is transcending.

Thank you for your prayers.

I am so blessed by the beautiful people I have seen. I have wandered many gardens. We have danced together, our pollens mixing and bringing new life and vigor to each other. Blessing upon blessing.

I see houses. Beautiful houses with ornaments and eccentric gardens and mobiles and gnomes and butterfly houses, paintings. A little child standing in jumping excitement. Stamping her feet, clasping her cheeks, raising her shoulders. Exhaling laughter and smiles. Friends come join and we dance and why fear going inside when there is a forest to wander and murals to ponder. We are together in this. Time is endless bliss.


Gifts of knowledge. Gifts of sight, back and forth. Where have you travelled? What are these blooms infused with ? Berries in wines. You’ve returned back to the innocent south with more than emotional naiveness. You set your eyes upon the past with new depth, you feel the importance of recognizing layers before jumping to the core.

Wandering these gardens, looking for the flowers, knowing a friend might pick one up, lifts my heart.

Apparently my greatest trait is curiosity 🙂

I’ve been finding these gems along the paths, laughing as you shout to me “Leah look what I found over here!” carrying it behind your back as you skid to me, light shining in your eyes: VOila!

How beautiful. This seasons.

Thank you. Thank you all. For this love you show me and surround me with as I learn its’ flows and faces.

Sweet dreams lovelies. Cuddles for all!



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