Series of Other Sights

So I’ll tell the story of the hiding ones.

And as I reveal myself more and more I feel there is more and more I feel there is more and more hiding.

Here I was walking in the soot. Sitting in my stoned abode. Decorated in the fantasies of my dreams. Beautiful beautiful flowers and roots and leaves carving through the walls. At peace in the hope of the knowledge of the discovery one day of my blue brothers and sisters.

I hear far off cries in the hills, I howl and there is no echo to my call.

I hold my heart in my hands and sing sweet melodies to it as in the starry dream prairies I connect with the shining orbs of the awakened souls.

Beautiful flowing pearls of sweet light, floating in the planes, swirling around me like a sweet wind, lifting my spirits.

My house travels forward. Sunlight hits. The door creeks open to the silent sound of Home. Well. The silent music of presence. Specks of dust that are blown on named ground. Claimed earth.

Claimed for what?

Bright Bright Light.

A sweet call brought forth. A woman at a well.

Heart Beating in my ears. La sensation of parchedness arises. Comme par hasard.

I’m almost paralyzed.


Excitement does this to me. That moment when I need to step forward and I shutmy brain off as it’s spouting nonsense and if it were to lead, my heart would swell swell and I would be blinf with Love and fear no more. That they will not understand nor receive my Love. or me. Flashes of mixing realities of time and place.

A merry go around an infinite universe of harmonious creativity.

“The Nonsense Makes Sense!” it screams to you.

Am I scared?

It’s exhilarating.

Open Your Eyes Speak Your Ears.

Sparkling Showers of Laughter.

No words can equate Sparks of Living Souls.

Beam me up Scottie.

Woke the Dream into Reality and now I’m dreaming wide awake walking on clouds.

I was unsure. I was still so full of fear. Once I met with it.

Hiding under a beautiful big blue wale, a cloud of beautiful flowers, a prairie dog dune, a dive bar…

A multifaceted wonder of creativity and connection.

I saw it all from my cave. Dancing and playing and hugging. I stepped out. Like finding Neverland. And the circle grew for me. Because I am a part of the circle. I am the wind. The leaf blowing with the specs of dust and dawn and yesterday’s or last month’s feasts.


The Carnival

walked my path.

I knew I would meet them, if I followed my heart and soul and trained my mind .. I sit with the elders. And I run with the children. Ils parlent en Nicois 😉

Allez, donne la main, il m’a ouvert la porte.


This is my long lost pack.

Swirling on the merry go around.

I can believe. I feel it.

You are not alone. You are not Invisible. There are those that do see.

So adorn those beautiful walls of your soul, keep your spirit pure, marvel at the exhilaration of the unknown and adventure. Love is the biggest adventure. Spread all that magic and couve your Light, when we come together the stars will swish like a world’s genesis and fall into pieces places.

We are Here.

Open the door and Come Love.

No masks and cardboard walls here. I want to see that fear being lived out. I want to see the shaking flame in your eyes that your spirit never fails to blow upon! And we all we all will blow together

Grasshoppers in the grass

Paling moonlight

Darkest Nights softest Dreams.

I Love you mighty BEINGS


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