A Series of Other Sights: Deep Blue

Deep Blue.


In a Series of Other Sights.


“People give me their feelings but I forget I was holding them and drop them”


A dark starry night brings a little white soul to wander with a nicely sized piece of bark through the stars.

Through the deep blue skies and over the cool deep oceans. Beautiful mystery of night. Secret meeting only two souls can find. The beauty of the starry night speaks of the universe and all its immensity. There is something about.

A mission.

Making itself to a meeting. swift, calm, far.

We have set a meeting place on a drifting icicle, halfway through the ocean that separates us. Sometimes perhaps it floats closer to your land, or perhaps the current could lead it nearer to mine. Here I found you more deeply. Here we’ve glimpsed each other by the embers of our lit fire. Ignited in the ceremony of our presence. Souls showing up to face one another, bare of anything the world might have tried to build. I’ve taken the coal from my breast and you took the fire from your mouth. Together we danced. The fumes, flavors, traces of our mist meet, we come close and gaze into each others eyes. I got so lost. looking into your eyes. We dripped honey into ears. Sweet whispers and letters that coated hearts.

This is the play of our souls. This is the meeting of our hearts.



But my love. It’s been many nights I’ve made this journey. And have not seen you there. The coals have turned to ash. I bring my wood. I cannot bring more or I would drown on the way here. This is how it is to be. I bring mine, You bring yours. This is the ceremony of love. I come, excited and giddy, full of fuel to discover you.

I sit waiting… Have you lost the way here?

I’ve come to your doorstep and you are not there. I may wait a little. But daybreak comes and I must return to my land for I can not get lost here. This is not my home. Perhaps we have simply missed each other.

Where have you gone? Have you forgotten the way to our fire? Is the man not letting his soul roam? Is your heart locked into a cage? I see your shadow, are you mute?

My love, the waters have gone murky. I don’t see deep deep blue to dive into.
I return here to the ashes. Still with my wood. With my marbles for your jar. Nevermind that mine feels empty. The sparkle of the energy is fading. I might rub it but I will let it be how it is.

My energy is not free.

I sit here by the ashes. Now it is light out. Now the spell of our pact is lifted. Now the deep deep beautiful blue is greyed.

I sit here by the ashes. Pondering. How my little woman only a little while ago would have spent ages burying her hands into these ashes, tears of anguished pain flowing furiously, as she dug and dug and dug till ash covered all of her, still going down to the core of the earth into dark dark dark tunnels and cold waters. Searching, Seeking, Breaking for those fires once lit. For those treasures of love that made the fire that kept us coming to each other. That made our pact.

Sweet woman. Sweet child. How many torrents of tears she drowned in. How many streams she flowed into, passed out from exhaustion. How far dark did she seek to find the lost. So fleeting.

See, From Ash She Rose. She awoke from the lost loves and broken hearts and poured tears. A new covenant. A new love.

To love herself. To no longer plunge into darkness searching but to fly to the light and leave golden ropes and beaming streams for whomever wish to find their way here. And still to roam these greyed ash lands if by chance refreshment can be brought to a suffering love. Singing echoes of names to those down those deep dark holes. Jumping into the seas to be refreshed and to float souls back to shore.

Ah vibrant life.
Ooh little soul, we are all here. We have heard your call. Let us be in this ash a little. gently rolling in it. Breathing. Perhaps a tear will escape as my heart swells and my soul tells of how this is where they danced together and then where she waited for another dance.

We’re all here. We all rise to a new day together. This is where we have journeyed this day. Beautiful journey. From ash to ash. We shall rise. And now we look to the sky.


To a new day. To a new land.



“Flown” she said.


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