Shut Up & Grow it!



We are here!



As soon as I glanced the green luscious trees covering the land from my airplane window I was hit with exhilarating excitement!

Kik and Gabby picked me up in Beach Strings jeep and we drove about an hour to the Shut Up & Grow it! land.

Beautiful 11 month old Delilah chuckling with me.


I arrived at Shut Up & Grow it ! at dusk, the air so fresh, the land so green. I felt like I knew the place. I felt the way I’ve felt in Tribal Thai Villages, up in the mountains, the smell of open fire smoke, the smell of luscious land, moist, fresh, fertile. The smell of family and home. The sense of peace and belonging and the knowledge that life here is full.
The weight of constraints, obligations, scheduled life… all lifted. I instantly sensed a part of me fall into place. Like my soul let itself dropped into a big sofa, in a nice cozy house with warm light and tea brewing. Thump. No more worries. No more need to be on alert. No more seeking. You are here.


Gabby handed me my tent; I was in a complete daze. Wavering between lack of sleep, desire to explore everything and everywhere, neeed to take everything in, to be totally present, to roll in the grass and jump in the sky while also knowing I should put up that tent before dark.


It has been an amazing start to a journey. Revivalists trickled in the next day. How to explain the pure simple awe and wonder and joy in waking up at 5am to a chorus of birds and Beach Strings, Alex and Brittany joyful voices beckoning me to breakfast. How to explain the cathartic release and peace of walking barefoot down the little trails past buses and camps with vibrant people popping up every corner. How one day one is a stranger and the next you get a little closer to knowing them. We are only in each stop for a limited amount of time. I would say it takes a couple days to get accustomed to the feel of a place, a couple weeks to get into the feel of it, and a couple months to be a part of it. But maybe this way of living is sped up when you know you belong everywhere and when the place you are is organically structured for you to be completely part of it as your fullest self

The second day after breakfast we partook in a Shut Up and Grow it’s Council Meeting.

Shut Up and Grow it is essentially anarchist. Do what you want to do. However this does not mean nothing gets done. On the contrary I was honestly surprised as to how active the community was. The council explained to us how things happen, kinda their living respectful guidelines which are always subject to change, decisions being made by consensus only. It was thrilling, inspiring and intimate to hear visions, dreams, hopes and experiences of the community. It is beyond heart warming to see a place functioning and putting forth what I most believe in and this was put into words by Patrick at the council meeting “we want to be a place where you can just show up” be accepted, be fed, rest. For free. Patrick explained his vision to spread the connections of intentional communities, how his ideas, Stacy’s, Gabby and Kik’s all come together in the culmination of this Caravan, going from community to community, helping, making connections, teaching, growing. Planting seeds and watching them grow.


My heart swells as I write. I think back on my second day, going out to the bridge between the main farm land and the “other side” of the property. I sat and felt a huge wave of emotion. Perhaps like the slow release of a strong building fire.


My emotions have been intense. There is no service but a message from my good friend Jessica managed to get through yesterday “Are you having fun?”
It’s so much more than fun. This isn’t shits and giggles. This IS IT.

This is something I’ve dreamed about, in some form or another for a long time. It’s been brewing its been stewing. It’s not a dream, like how people talk about that dream they have of going to that one place and they go there and it’s done and they’re onto the next thing. It’s that reality that is totally completely in sync with everything you are and you strive for and you’ve been meditating on. That simply is, and it is so natural and normal and you just flow into it and you are in it.



It brings me such joy to see so many amazing people coming together here.

It brings me such joy to sit and listen to the way people live at Shut Up and Grow it.

It brings me such joy to hear what has brought each person to this moment.

I guess its barely been 2 days that the majority of revivalists have come together, my mind is already in that sweetly joy filled stimulation that creates a slight sleepy haze of peace and serenity.


I’m sitting in Jarvis’ bus watching some of the Revivalists work on the G4G bus outside in the golden sunlight, a dog on the couch next to me, a puppy under me. Thinking about the goodness of life, the walks up the creek with Kelly, music by the fire, Rea’s awesome drawings, Nelly’s badass spoons, talking about God with Jonathan and Trey, painting the bus, foraging for plants, hanging out in the kitchen, walking through gardens, dogs, goats, pigs… A beautiful dance. I am ecstatically grateful.


Life is so beautiful 🙂


WE are so very excited for this amazing adventure! All that shall be planted and watered and which growth shall be witnessed!


hmmmmmm 🙂


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