Barefoot Dreams and Realities

I fell inlove with Florida as  I began to fall for you

A man who loved my music, who knew my God as his, who knew the earth and was seeking for more. A man who had seen hidden paths and engaged with those before him. A man who dreamed of my country.

How could I not begin to picture us barefoot in the Alps? Our feet resting upon the earth, your jeans raised, my skirt tattered and torn, smiling to our faces.


You’ve sailed & gone.

Your ocean the taste of another sea.

Whilst I, still have this feeling of beginning love when I awake in the early morning to the spanish most & moist air surrounding the magic and wonder of luscious Florida,

Barefoot in the earth as I ponder la petite amourette that just wore by, a memory in the heart of my affection for this land, now redeemed and turned over as I reclaim my connection to this land,

clear my heart & mind,

and recenter those bare feet from a dream in the alps with a man

to my own love.

To let it grow, to let it be lead.

In righteousness, truth & excitement,

peace & patience.


I look onto the sun & pray,

a smile on my face.




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