Slowly breathing again

I sit in my sister’s office, the sliding door open onto the sunlit porch.

Green grass so bathed in light it glows yellow.

Warmth & a refreshing air

Breathing in, a soft smile.



A long strand of webbing undulates to the calm breeze

The chance of catching it in a reflected light.




I feel life returning to me.


Like the tide.


Bringing me back to shore in a gentle kiss.


Like putting the plug in the right socket,

light coming back on.




Breathing again.




Coming back.


Glimpsing, slowly sensing the beginning of a call.


The limb fallen asleep that finds blood rushing into it again.


Accepting. I do not know. I do not have the answers.


Still seeking.
Finding space in this.


It’s ok.


It’s ok.


Thank you sunshine.


Thank you Spirit.


For your comforting presence.


For you teachings in mysterious ways.




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