A life of adventure

A life of adventure is unexpected, scary, frustrating

In the end, we live for those moments.

For how we overcome them,

move through them.

It is in the fears and frustrations of travel and adventure that we recognize and come alive to recognize truly what is of most importance here: that I am alive, breathing, living, moving through space and time, surrounded by others or that I missed my plane, arrived too late at the bus station, ran out of gas, am late for work….

Our striving to catch an experience, an outcome and missing it reveals the creativity of humanity in our responses to it. Running across the bridge to catch that train and sit next to a beautiful stranger while you are out of breath for 20minutes is perhaps how you meet a wonderful friend. Recognizing what is truly important in this life, relativizing and being open to change, moving through experiences always in grace and openness.

We live for those opportunities.

For how they mold us.

For sharing the stories,

For the ting we get in our stomachs

For shedding expectations, desires, comforts

And still recognizing the beauty in all the excitement, lessons and experience of a life of adventure.



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