Lessons in Love -part 2


How do we express pain without placing blame?

How do we plant seeds of love and not of discord when we express that pain?

You see, I witness within me something I do not want, a lesson that I purged before,

that judgment, pain and fear held in your heart, create bitterness.

I can’t. I can’t have that discord.

I can’t plant and water those seeds.

How then, how then? Do we acknowledge the pain? How do we share the pain? Without placing bias in the hearts of those around us?

Are you practicing what you are preaching? Of love and unity

Do you love within your own community?

I have seen, I have dealt words, ideas and feelings of dislike, though may it be “justified” in that the presence of another brings me pain and discomfort. Yet still who am I to place my judgement into the eyes and hearts of others? To place my pain and fear of this human into the eyes of another?

I can’t have exclusion. I can’t have ostracism.

Lord knows. I fail so wretchedly at this. Every single day. I judge, I fear, I share these seeds.

How do we express these? How do we overcome these? Because the truth is they are not always feelings, and perceptions are not disembodied ideas, they are based on experience. There are elements in this world we must seek to remedy.

And though I strive for love, I seek for love, I strive for light, I seek the light, I know, and you all know that I fail.
I want to be good, I want to be full of love, hope, planting these seeds. Yet I know those words maybe a day ago would’ve made me gag in their sickeningly sweetness. How do we remain true? Perhaps in Grace. In the grace that we grant each other freedom in where we each stand. Some in pain, some in anger, some in despair, some in happiness, some in blinded love… That we grant each other the grace to experience the vast reality of humanness. And appreciate that we each hold space for a part of the cycle.

That we remember why we are in despair, why we are in anger, why we are in happiness.

Do you judge others in love?

Do you evaluate in love?

We need each other.

To hold space for the reality of the world we live in, the life we experience, honoring its cycles. Striving for alignment of purpose and action yet recognizing why. Why you do it all.

Allowing peace, healing, unity to take precedence and hold preeminence.




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