Let us not make Love a Product of Consumption


An answer to a question?

A reconnection to truth?

“If you Open up your heart and mind

You have to look inside

You have to read between the lines

We are Love

We Believe in Love”
WHAT is Love?

How is Love?

Yes that bible verse we all know pops up.

Gentle, kind, patient.

What about loving that isn’t that way? Is that possible?

Tough love?

What about loving that is ripped in pain? In hues of greys? How are we imperfectly perfect in how we love?
Is love one moment, is love longitudinal? Present through time. Loyal.

What of friends doing things that are not life giving to them? What is loving them? What is gentleness, patience, kindness to them?

What is unity?

Can we think we love and actually not love?

I look to my example of Love.

It is Christ. Whether you are a Christian or not, I have always heard respect for Jesus. A resonance for his ways. I do strive to be like him. And I believe, that going back to the roots, to be like him, we must wonder who we was, how we was. Yes that “WWJD”.

He knew who was before him. The woman at the well. He knew.

Do you know those around you? Are you omniscient?  I don’t think so.

I make this my first mission. And pray it be anchored in grace, humility, gentleness and forgiveness.

Let us see love not as a moment in time. Let us not be consumerists of Love.
LOVE is not something that we get HERE and NOW, delivered to order. It is a process, it is a journey, it is a revelation through space in time.

Take a breath. Accept the processes of unfolding, of change, of becoming. No love in your heart? Pray for it.






2 thoughts on “Let us not make Love a Product of Consumption

  1. Thank you for sharing! I have often wondered about love and wether or not some of us really love. You put in to words incomplete thoughts I’ve had… thoughts that i could not complete. this message was like a light that fused puzzles together for me. Suddenly, thanks to you, I can make sense of something I wanted to understand but couldn’t!


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