Kissed by the Sun

When my skin is tan and my limbs are strong, when I have moved and moved through pain. Still a linger and strain,

Yet my eye glimmers, shines out light. I am alive. I am alive. I am alive. Moving, living, healing, moving, growing, grounding, living, loving, breathing, opening, seeking, praying, finding, praying.

A smile.

A gift. A hope. Perseverance. stronghold.


I will not let go.

I will not let go.

And if I do let go, and when I do let go, know, that I am held. Held in arms of love. Held in a cradle of love. Softly swinging me. I will be cared for. I am given freedom to roam, freedom to grow, freedom to make and create, collaborate and even destroy, react and pain.

Still I am loved. No matter.


The sun kissed my skin, my blood flew through my body, I stretched and jumped and folded. This ground. I am upon this ground, I am within this sea, I am through this air.


This tan skin, kissed by the sun, this brightened eye, purified by the sea, this body given to me, this soul blessed to me, this heart sanctified.


Ground me.
I walk forward. I dance along a path. Kissed by the Sun, Purified by the Sea, Gifted Everlasting Life.




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