Wondering Wanderer: The Gypsay

I grew up in France in an English speaking Home.  I have always been an inbetweener or “le cul entre deux chaises” as we say in French. In my french school, with my french friends and professors I was the American. In America I was the Frenchy. I have always been the voice of the unheard. Though I don’t necessarily disagree with what is being said, I cannot let people go their ways without knowing there is a different road as well.

I have begun to speak my voice after years of distrust, years of thinking I would not be heard or understood. I find when I show who I radically am, when I reveal my deepest sorrows and whims, I open doors for others.

I love people. I have travelled my whole life and know there is an infinity of things I have yet to see. What is best is the more I travel the more I come back to places with new sights. An unending spring.

This blog is my attempt to tap into this spring. To offer refreshment for myself and my readers. My life, my story, my thoughts, their stories.
I am a witness, I will bear the stories I have seen to the best of my ability, with an attitude of continued humility and longing to be an actor of love and light in this world.

Many Blessings to you.


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2 thoughts on “Wondering Wanderer: The Gypsay

  1. Hi Love, I didn’t know where to contact you so I reach out on here: I loved a post of yours and reblogged it on mine, giving you credit of course. I hope it’s ok. I am managing a website whose aim is to unite all soulful artists and posting art that resonates with my mission, so I’m gathering material to share with the growing community. LOVE!


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